Blood Libels

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Blood Libels
Blood Libels.jpg
Studio album by
RecordedJune 2006, BST Studios[1]
GenreBlack metal
LabelNorma Evangelium Diaboli
The Ajna Offensive (US)
ProducerSebastien "BST" Tuvi
Antaeus chronology
De Principii Evangelikum
Blood Libels
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[2]

Blood Libels is the third full-length album by French black metal band Antaeus.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Rot - 5:36
  2. Cyklik Torture - 3:40 (Lyrics: Nornagest)
  3. Control and Abuse - 5:34
  4. Colliding in Ashes - 5:10
  5. Words as Weapons - 6:27
  6. Here Is Punishment - 3:29
  7. Gates to the Outside - 3:27 (Lyrics: Drakh)
  8. Blood Libels - 9:39

Album notes[edit]

As noted on the album's Discogs page:[1]

  • Track 1 is depicted on the back cover as a symbol resembling the alchemical symbol for putrefaction. In the booklet it is denoted by the same symbol together with the title "Everything Great Is Built Upon Sorrow". The song is otherwise (as likely is the symbol) referred to as "Rot" by the band.
  • Track 2 is titled "Cyklic Torture" on back cover, in booklet it appears as entered.
  • Track 7 is titled as "The Walking" in booklet.
  • Track 8.1 duration refers to entire track 8.
  • Track 8.2, the outro of the album at the end of track 8, consists of a cover of "Sono L'Antechristo" by Diamanda Galás, and is cross-faded in from "Blood Libels" from 6:18 on. It is unmentioned in the track listing on the release, but referred to in the credit prints.


  • MkM: Vocals
  • Set: Guitars
  • LSK: Bass
  • ZVN: Drums


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