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For the Norse hero, see Norna-Gests þáttr.
Birth name Régis Lant
Also known as Nornagest
Born (1977-06-10) 10 June 1977 (age 38)[citation needed]
Genres Black metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments vocals and guitars
Associated acts Enthroned
The Beast

Régis Lant[citation needed] (aka Nornagest, born 10 June 1977[citation needed]) is a Belgian black metal vocalist and writer , best known for his vocal works with the Black Metal band Enthroned[1] and Absu's self-titled release.[2]

His career started in the Belgian metal band Heresia. In 1995, Nornagest was invited to join Enthroned on their first album Prophecies of Pagan Fire but declined the offer for some reason.[citation needed] The album became one of the cult albums of the genre,[citation needed] even though some fans[who?] consider previous vocalist Sabathan's vocals hard to handle.[citation needed] Shortly after the recording of the album, Nornagest joined the band as the lead guitarist anyway. In the band's almost 25 years history, he is the band's main composing member.

In 2007, Nornagest took over vocals duties in Enthroned after previous vocalist Lord Sabathan decided to quit from black metal scene[citation needed] and start a new life.[citation needed] Nornagest got endorsed by Jackson guitars[citation needed] and is preparing now the upcoming album of his main band.[citation needed] Nornagest has been studying occultism, demonology and Goetia since his youth.[citation needed] He is working on several books regarding occult topics and doctrines.[citation needed]

Nornagest has an English background[citation needed] and is the cousin of Conrad "Cronos" Lant,[citation needed] lead singer of the cult black metal band Venom. He currently resides in Dendermonde, Belgium.[citation needed]




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