Bloody Pond (Massachusetts)

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Bloody Pond
Location Plymouth, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°51′00″N 70°35′00″W / 41.85000°N 70.58333°W / 41.85000; -70.58333Coordinates: 41°51′00″N 70°35′00″W / 41.85000°N 70.58333°W / 41.85000; -70.58333
Type kettlehole
Basin countries United States
Surface area 98 acres (400,000 m2)
Average depth 17 ft (5.2 m)
Max. depth 38 ft (12 m)
Settlements Long Pond village

Bloody Pond is a 98-acre (400,000 m2) natural kettlehole pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts, near Long Pond village. The pond is located southeast of Long Pond. This pond, visible from the southbound side of Route 3 past the Ship Pond Road bridge, is fed by groundwater and has over two miles (3 km) of shoreline. The average depth is 17 feet (5.2 m) and the maximum depth is 38 feet (12 m). Legal public access to the pond is obtained through a dirt road off of Long Pond Road and is suitable primarily for shore and wading fishermen as the access point is a long walk from a two-car parking lot in front of a gate.

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