Blue, Dressed in Black

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Blue, Dressed In Black
Studio album by Eric Stuart Band
Released 2000 (2000)
Genre Alternative country, Roots rock
Label Widow's Peak Records
Producer Peter Frampton, John Regan, Harvey Goldberg
Eric Stuart Band chronology
Picture Perfect World
(1997)Picture Perfect World1997
Blue, Dressed In Black
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
20th Century Guitar (not rated) [1]
Music Direct (not rated) [2]
Wilmington Morning Star (not rated) [3]

Blue, Dressed In Black is the third CD (second full-length album) from the Eric Stuart Band, in which Eric Stuart is the songwriter and lead singer. This album is a compilation of Stuart’s four-song demo EP (1999) produced by Peter Frampton in Nashville sessions (Lost Innocence, One Good Reason, Hole in the Head, God’s Roof), two more songs produced by Peter Frampton in Nashville (Home and Corner Booth Chronicles), and six songs (Staring You In The Face, The Best Ones Get Away, Blue Dressed In Black, Heaven In A Cadillac, Can’t Get Enough Of It, and Raise a Little Hell) recorded in NYC and produced by John Regan (Frampton's bass player), and Harvey Jay Goldberg (a producer for Dave Matthews Band and Sting). Stuart credits Peter Frampton as his mentor, and Frampton even did background vocals, lead guitar, and/or other roles in four of the songs. For example, Frampton has an extensive guitar solo at the end of “God’s Roof” and also plays the mountain dulcimer in “Home.” Stuart’s song "Corner Booth Chronicles" won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 1998. In 1999, ”One Good Reason” was released on AudioDiner as a single and received 2,500 downloads in two days.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Eric Stuart

  1. "Staring You In the Face" – 4:02 ©1998
  2. "One Good Reason" – 4:26 ©1997
  3. "The Best Ones Get Away" – 4:15 ©1999
  4. "Blue, Dressed In Black" – 3:22 ©1999
  5. "Lost Innocence" – 4:31 ©1997
  6. "Heaven In a Cadillac" – 3:43 ©1998
  7. "Home" – 5:06 ©1997
  8. "Can't Get Enough of It" – 3:13 ©1999
  9. "Raise a Little Hell" – 3:10 ©1998
  10. "Corner Booth Chronicles" – 4:07 ©1995
  11. "Hole In the Head" – 3:29 ©1997
  12. "God's Roof" – 5:48 ©1997


  • Eric Stuart - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, background vocals
  • Ben Mauro - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, background vocals
  • Questar Welsh - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals
  • Peter Frampton - lead guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar solo, dulcimer, background vocals
  • Arthur Stead - organ, piano, electric piano, harpsichord, accordion
  • Michael Rhodes - bass
  • Mason Swearingen - bass, background vocals
  • Tony Harrell - organ, harmonium
  • Bryan Gardenour - drums, percussion
  • Eddie Bayers - drums, percussion
  • Jenna Malizia - background vocals
  • Tabitha Fair - background vocals


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