Blue Lady (ghost)

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Blue Lady
CountryUnited States
RegionMoss Beach Distillery Cafe, Moss Beach, California

The Blue Lady is the legendary ghost of a woman reportedly seen in and around the Moss Beach Distillery Cafe in Moss Beach, California; named because she is reportedly dressed all in blue.


According to legend, during the Prohibition era, a young woman who frequented the restaurant had an affair with a man and kept it from her unsuspecting husband, who later stabbed her to death while walking on the beach below the restaurant with her lover. In other versions of the legend, the woman died in a car accident while on her way to meet her lover. Still other versions claim a second woman who threw herself from the coastal cliffs haunts the restaurant. Reportedly, the Blue Lady is seen or felt by some customers and staff at the restaurant.[1][2]

Popular culture[edit]

The restaurant was featured on Ghost Hunters season 4, episode 11 where the cast reported they found staged effects designed to create a ghostly illusion, such as a hidden speaker, moving lamps, and a mirror image.[3] It was also featured in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.[4]

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