Blue Star (song)

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"Blue Star" is a popular song.

The theme music of the television series, Medic, was written by Victor Young and copyright on February 17, 1955 under the title "The Medic Theme." A set of lyrics were written by Edward Heyman (who had a history of collaborating with Young) and with those lyrics and under the new title "Blue Star," a new copyright was issued on May 5, 1955.


Other known recordings[edit]

The Blue Notes,[7] Lucien Bellemare (Canada),[8] I Campioni (Italy), Os Carbonos (Brazil),[9] and Paco Serrano

Live renditions[edit]

  • Black Dynamites a.k.a. Los Indonesios (Dutch Indorock group) performed "Bintang Malam" live on stage in both Holland and Germany during their early years (1957-1962).


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