Bneid Al-Gar

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Bneid Al-Gar
بنيد القار
Bneid Al-Gar is located in Kuwait
Bneid Al-Gar
Bneid Al-Gar
Coordinates: 29°22′N 48°0′E / 29.367°N 48.000°E / 29.367; 48.000Coordinates: 29°22′N 48°0′E / 29.367°N 48.000°E / 29.367; 48.000[1]
Country Kuwait
GovernorateCapital Governorate
Elevation3 m (10 ft)
 • Total13,171

Bneid Al-Gar (Arabic: بنيد القار, romanizedBneid il-Gār) is an area of Kuwait City; it is located in Al Asimah Governorate in Kuwait covering an area of approximately 1,320,220 squared metres. Its population in 2018 was 34,710.[3]


The word "Gar" in Arabic means Tar, and so it was thus named due to the natural discharge of oils. A variant of its transliteration is Bunayd Al-Qar.


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