Bo on the Go!

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Bo on the Go!
Genre Children's television show
Opening theme "Bo on the Go!"
Country of origin Canada
Production company(s) Halifax Film
Kids' CBC
Distributor CBC
Original network CBC Television
Original release September 3, 2007 (2007-09-03) – November 12, 2009 (2009-11-12)

Bo on the Go! is a Canadian children's television show created by Jeff Rosen produced by Halifax Film, a DHX Media Company, in association with CBC Television. The show emphasizes the importance movement for children through a plot element called "Animoves," animations demonstrating specific body movements young viewers must learn in order to solve adventures highlighted in each program's storyline.

It is broadcast in Canada on CBC Television in the Kids' CBC programming block.[1] It is currently broadcast on 17 broadcasters around the world, in over 12 languages, including Spanish, French (retitled 1, 2, 3, Bo!), Italian, Greek, Arabic, Thai, Finnish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Turkish and Gaelic.


Bo lives in a castle with Dezadore the dragon. He is younger than Bo, and is naturally curious and often gets into trouble as he is not as physically adept as Bo. Bo's mentor on the show is Wizard. When she encounters challenges, he gives her advice and knowledge of how to achieve the quest at hand.


  • Bo: A positive, energetic, and inquisitive young girl with blue hair, wearing blue shoes and socks, red pants and purple shirt, along with her young friend Dezadore dragon. She encourages children at home to go on adventures by actively joining her in a variety of movements that assist her on her quest. Bo faces challenges and obstacles and receives small rewards and achieves victories along the way.
  • Dezadore (or just "Dezzy" for short): Dezzy is a pink and green dragon, and lives in the castle with Bo. Since he is younger than his friend, he sometimes needs a little help with things[citation needed].
  • Wizard: Wizard gives Bo and Dezzy their quest of the day. He wears a blue turban, has a long white beard, and wears a golden-yellow pant suit.


  1. Bo and Bluebird
  2. Bo and the Doodlebug
  3. Bo and the Whirlywart
  4. Bo and the Fuzzyflump
  5. Bo and the Stinky Snork
  6. Bo and the Snoozter
  7. Bo and the Neat Freak
  8. Bo and the Sproing
  9. Bo and The Nothing Fits Him
  10. Bo and the Lazy Bug
  11. Bo and the Dragon Queen
  12. Bo and the Drinking Flink
  13. Bo and the Hug-a-Bug
  14. Bo and the Twinkle Toed Twirler
  15. Bo and the Silly Stomper
  16. Bo and the Fruity Patooty


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