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Boa, BoA, or BOA may refer to:


  • Any member of the Boidae, a family of medium to large, non-venomous, constricting snakes
    • Any member of the Boinae, a subfamily of boid snakes
  • Any member of the Bolyeriidae, a.k.a. Round Island boas, a small family of non-venomous snakes from Mauritius and nearby islands
  • Any member of the Tropidophiidae, a.k.a. dwarf boas, a family of non-venomous snakes found in Central America, South
  • A common name for Boa constrictor




People with the name Boa[edit]

  • BoA (born 1986), South Korean singer
  • Boa Sr. (1925–2010), last native speaker of the Aka-Bo language
  • Kim Boa (born 1987), South Korean singer, member of the girl group Spica
  • Phillip Boa (born 1962), German musician
  • Luís Boa Morte, Portuguese footballer whose family name is Boa Morte
  • Boa (wrestler), Chinese professional wrestler
  • Ryan Boa, Canadian drag queen also known as BOA (Bitch On Arrival)


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