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Industry Corporate networking service
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Number of employees

BoardEx is a business intelligence service used as a new business development tool and as a source for academic research concerning corporate governance and boardroom processes.

BoardEx holds in-depth profiles of over 770,000 of the world's business leaders and its proprietary software shows the relationships between and among these individuals. This information is updated daily. Its Relationship Capital Management platform can be sited behind a client's firewall, giving complete security.

BoardEx is a subscription-based service[1] established originally in 2001 by Management Diagnostics Ltd in the UK that has since grown to North America and Asia.


Management Diagnostics Ltd, also known as BoardEx, was originally registered in 1999 in the UK.[2] The company spent 2 million on a prototype of the service to show investors. The product was developed with the help of Professor David Norburn, head of Imperial College Management School, Professor Donald Hambrick from Columbia Business School, and Professor Brian Boyd of Arizona State University.[3] Boardex launched in 2001,[4] and marketing for the service began in April 2002.[5] An office in the United States was opened in early 2003.[4] In May 2003, the Financial News said that "BoardEx is well placed to become a commanding force in the world's boardrooms."[4] BoardEx received a boost in clients after the Higgs review on the effectiveness of non-executive directors was released in the UK.[4][5] The company was privately funded until mid 2008 when Goldman Sachs took a minority interest.[citation needed] On October 7, 2014, TheStreet, Inc. acquired BoardEx for approximately $21 million at closing. The transaction was completed on November 3, 2014.


BoardEx consolidates public domain information concerning the board of directors and senior management of publicly quoted and large private companies.[2] Since the data changes regularly, the database does not rely on annual reports.[4]

Each company is represented by a Company Summary page, summarising the Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors and Senior Managers, the Board structure, remuneration, committee members and board movements.[1][3]

Each individual profile has information on remuneration, including salary, bonuses, and incentive pay,[4] and relational data, including education, notable achievements, other boards an individual is involved in, and the individual's age and experience compared to the sector.[2] The database contains the name of current and past organisations, positions held and, wherever verifiable, the start and end dates of the association. This results in the creation of a network matrix qualified by organisation and dates. The data is updated daily as share prices affect compensation information, such as incentive pay.[4]

The service presently includes information relating to over 760,000 organizations, and profiles of 500,000 directors and senior managers.[6] The database is predominantly focused on North America, Europe and Australasia. Its proprietary software shows over 95 million first-degree relationships between and among these individuals.[6]


  • Users can compile lists of their direct connections (first degree) and use these to identify connections to others (second degree) and in turn their connections (third degree).[7]
  • Lists can be created of an organisation's client companies or individual contacts, as well as target lists of companies or individuals, and connections between these can be discovered, opening up opportunities for personal introductions and referrals to new prospective clients.[7]
  • Searches can be made to identify potential candidates for Executive and Non-Executive board positions.
  • Details of board structures, practices, remuneration, diversity, stability and characteristics can be obtained for purposes of academic research and corporate governance.

BoardEx is not "self referential". Each person in the database is individually researched as a result of their connection at senior level with a major company.[8]


The etymology for the name BoardEx is derived from the words boards and executives which makes up the core information within BoardEx.[citation needed]


BoardEx is headquartered in London, with offices in New York City and one research center in Chennai, India.

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