Bob Hope-class vehicle cargo ship

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USNS Bob Hope
USNS Bob Hope in harbor at Souda Bay in Crete, Greece
Class overview
Builders: Avondale Shipyard
Cost: $265 million (1993)[1]
Built: 1993–2001
In service: 1998–
Completed: 7
General characteristics
Displacement: 62,069 tons full
Length: 951 ft 5 in (290.0 m)
Beam: 106 ft (32.3 m)
Draft: 34 ft 10 in (10.6 m) maximum
Propulsion: 4 × Colt Pielstick 10 PC4.2 V diesels; 65,160 hp(m) (47.89 MW)
Speed: 24 knots (44 km/h)
Range: 15,000 miles
Capacity: 380,000 sq ft (35,000 m2), 1,000 wheeled or tracked military vehicles[2]
Complement: 26 to 45 civilian crew; up to 50 active duty
Aviation facilities: Helicopter landing area

The Bob Hope-class vehicle cargo ship is a class of vehicle cargo ships, used for prepositioning of Army vehicles. The lead ship of this class is USNS Bob Hope (T-AKR-300).



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