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Bob de Groot
De Groot - Comédie du Livre 2010 - P1400159.jpg
Bob de Groot in June 2010
Born (1941-10-26) 26 October 1941 (age 77)
Brussels, Belgium
Area(s)artist, writer

Bob de Groot is a Belgian cartoonist, born on 26 October 1941 in Brussels, to Dutch and French parents.


While still a young art student de Groot got his first comics experience as an assistant to Maurice Tillieux on Félix.[1] He began creating shorter work for the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Pilote, with creators such as Hubuc, Reiser. With Fred as scenarist he drew the strip 4 × 8 = 32 L'Agent Caméléon in the late 60s. When the artist Turk joined to assist on the series, de Groot gradually took on increasing amounts of work as scenarist and went on to collaborate with Turk on several series, including Archimède, Robin Dubois and eventually Raymond Macherot's Clifton.[1] They also created Léonard for Achille Talon magazine in 1975, before de Groot began a prolific production of comics scenarios for many comics artists, including Tibet, Dupa, Philippe Francq, Greg and Dany. With Rodrigue he created Doggyguard and continued the Clifton series, and with Morris he collaborated on stories for Lucky Luke and Rantanplan.


Series Years Volumes Scenarist or Artist Editor Remarks
Alice au pays des merveilles 1973 1 Greg (writer) Le Lombard and Dargaud Artwork in collaboration with Dany, Dupa and Turk
Ca vous intéresse 1990 1 Dany (artist) P & T Productions This volume written by De Groot, rest of series by different writers
Chlorophylle 1977–1986 3 Dupa and Walli (artists) Le Lombard Series started by Raymond Macherot
Clifton 1973–1984 9 Turk (artist) Le Lombard and Dargaud Series started by Raymond Macherot
Des villes et des femmes 1987–1988 2 Philippe Francq (artist) Dargaud
Digitaline 1989 1 J. Landrain (artist) Le Lombard First bande dessinée completely made by computer
Doggyguard 1999–2000 3 M. Rodrigue (artist) Le Lombard


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