Boguchany Aluminium Smelter

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Boguchany Aluminium Smelter
Богучанский алюминиевый завод
Industry Mining
Headquarters Tayozhny, Boguchansky District, Krasnoyarsk Krai
Products Aluminium
Aluminium alloys
Owner RUSAL 50%,
RusHydro 50%
The construction of potroom#1 of Boguchansk Aluminium Smelter in Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia

Boguchany Aluminium Smelter (Russian: Богуча́нский алюми́ниевый заво́д, Boguchanskiy Alyuminiyevy Zavod) is a Russian aluminium smelter currently being constructed near the settlement of Tayozhny, in the Boguchansky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai. It is one of the largest development projects of the RUSAL company, which is building this new aluminium plant in partnership with hydroelectricity producer RusHydro. Each side owns a 50% stake in the Boguchany Energo-Metallurgical Union (Russian: Богучанское энерго-металлургическое объединение, or Russian: БЭМО, BEMO), a company that governs the construction of the new smelter, which is expected to use the energy from RusHydro's Boguchany Dam (a new hydropower station expected to be launched in 2011).

The project capacity of the plant is 600,000 tons of aluminium per year.[1] Total investment in the project is estimated to reach $2 billion. Over 1500 workers will work at the main production facility, while another 1500 jobs will be created in the supporting facilities. The smelter was scheduled to be launched in 2013.[1]


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