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A bomb is an explosive device.

Bomb or its variants may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Bomb (book), Bomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World's Most Dangerous Weapon, a 2012 book by Steve Sheinkin
  • Bomb, a novel by Les Edgerton


Other arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Bomb (tank), a famous Canadian Sherman tank from WW II
  • Bomb or Bomb vessel, a ship, usually ketch, built around one or several mortars



Other uses[edit]

  • Bomb (icon), used on Mac OS and Atari TOS when a fatal error occurs
  • Bomb, Australian slang for a jalopy
  • Dahlbusch Bomb, a non-explosive emergency evacuation device for use in mining, called a "bomb" because of its shape

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