Book of Life (album)

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This article is about the album by I Wayne. For the book mentioned in Jewish and Christian religious teachings, see Book of Life. For other uses, see The Book of Life.
Book of Life
Studio album by I Wayne
Released November 6, 2007 (U.S.)
Recorded 2007
Genre Reggae
Label VP
Producer I Wayne (executive)
I Wayne chronology
Lava Ground
Book of Life
Life Teachings

Book of Life is the second album by the Jamaican reggae artist I Wayne. It features his typically smooth voice over typical Jamaican rhythms. The album reflects I Wayne's personal philosophy of positivism and his stance against rude boy culture, which he blames for several of Jamaica's problems.

In "Life Is Easy", he expresses his view that the only way out of suffering is to be grateful for the positives in one's life. "Jealousy and Abuse" deals with the problem of domestic violence. "Annihilation" has a deceivingly mild and upbeat tune while calling for the annihilation of Babylon (Rastafari collectively refer to the people in power within the established system as "Babylon", and believe that they conspire to oppress the poor).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Book of Life"
  2. "Words of Liberation"
  3. "Free the People"
  4. "Annihilation" (feat. Icoflamez)
  5. "Smart Attack"
  6. "Life Is Easy"
  7. "Need Her in I Arms"
  8. "No Vanity Love"
  9. "Jealousy and Abuse" (feat. Lady G.)
  10. "Good Enough"
  11. "Politics and Religion"
  12. "No Unnecessary War"
  13. "Money dem a Run Down"
  14. "Could a Never" (feat. Iniball)
  15. "Dart to Them Heart" (feat. Deva Bratt)
  16. "Natural Ites" (feat. Iyah V)