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Kristy Thirsk

Kristy Thirsk is a platinum-selling Canadian singer-songwriter best known for her work with Delerium.

Rose Chronicles[edit]

She was the singer and a co-writer for the band Rose Chronicles, which was signed to Nettwerk in the 1990s. Rose Chronicles released two full-length albums: Shiver (1994), which won a Juno Award for Best Alternative Album, and Happily Ever After (1996). The band split up in 1997.


In the years that followed, Thirsk was featured as a guest vocalist and co-writer on albums by Delerium and Balligomingo. She sang the vocals in Front Line Assembly's cover of Madonna's "Justify My Love" and Mystery Machine's cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass."

According to Thirsk, in an Auralgasms interview, Garrett Schwarz allegedly borrowed samples from her Delerium song, "Incantation" and then released his own song on the Balligomingo album, Beneath The Surface. This, she explained, was the reason she discontinued any further collaboration with Schwarz.[1]

Thirsk was also involved in the initial stages of Adrian White's side project Silent Alarm. The Sleepthief album The Dawnseeker, released June 2006, features Thirsk's vocals in the songs "Sublunar (Sweet Angel)". Sleepthief's follow-up The Chauffeur – The Remix – EP features Thirsk on "Send Me an Angel", a remake of the Scorpions' 1990 power ballad. She also sings on "Overkill" for the D:Fuse & Mike Hiratzka album Skyline Lounge (July 2007).

Thirsk and fellow Delerium singer Shelley Harland were the two lead vocalists for Delerium's first US tour in 2003. She toured again as the singer with Delerium's European Tour in May 2008, playing in London, Antwerp, Budapest, Prague, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Athens, Thessaloniki, and Moscow.

Solo career[edit]

Thirsk's first released solo track was "Bounds of Love", which was on the soundtrack of the movie Kissed in 1997. This song received a Genie Award nomination for Best Movie Theme.

She worked on her own material throughout this period and released her first full-length solo album, Souvenir, in 2003. Souvenir was produced by Eric Rosse (Tori Amos, Lisa Marie Presley).

In May 2008, Thirsk released a limited edition 4-song EP called Under Cover EP with the songs "Hourglass", "Conspiracy", "What If I", and a cover of Prince's "When Doves Cry" that features exclusive mixes of the four songs that will also be on her upcoming solo album. The EP was sold on the tour only and online.

Her song "Out There" was released on the Sirènes compilation album in May 2008. Kristy designated the song as the theme song for Red Cross Canada in January 2005, in response to the 2004 Great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake/Asian tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Kristy also co-wrote and sang vocals "Black Flowers" from Matt Darey's Urban Astronauts project. This song was a single and club hit in the UK.


Rose Chronicles[edit]

Kristy Thirsk[edit]

Year Title Label Type Notes
1995 Lit from Within Nettwerk Compilation Features exclusive track "Songbird".
1995 Slow Brew Nettwerk Compilation Features exclusive track "Songbird (Remix)".
1997 Kissed Motion Picture Soundtrack Nettwerk Soundtrack Features exclusive track "Bounds of Love". Kristy is also featured on the movie's score.
2000 Bootlegs Self-Released E.P. Features demos and live tracks. Released to support Kristy's west coast tour. Only 200 copies were made.
2001 Ready For Radio! Music West 2001 Nettwerk Compilation Features exclusive track "Over It". Released to promote the New Music West Festival 2001.
2003 Souvenir Pretty Noise Studio Album Produced by Eric Rosse.
2004 Souvenir Pretty Noise/Maple Music Studio Album Produced by Eric Rosse. Includes bonus track, a re-recorded version of "Over It"
2008 Under Cover Self-Released E.P. Physical copies available exclusively on Delerium’s 2008 European tour. Collaboration with Mike Hiratzka.
2008 Sirènes: The Beauty of the Female Voice Spectacle Entertainment Compilation Features exclusive track "Out There".
2010 Beauty 2 Neurodisc Compilation Features exclusive track "Fading Light".
2014 Phoenix Self-Released Studio Album Features "Mistake", "Little Soldier", "Hourglass", "Bandage", "Poison", "Torture", "Conspiracy", "Break Me", "Lit", "Fading Light", "Phoenix", and "Pulse". Collaboration with Mike Hiratzka.[2]

Guest appearances[edit]

Year Artist Title Label Type Notes
1994 Delerium Semantic Spaces Nettwerk Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Flowers Become Screens", "Incantation" and "Flatlands".
1994 Delerium "Flowers Become Screens" Nettwerk CD Single
1994 Delerium "Incantation" Nettwerk CD Single
1995 Mystery Machine Ten Speed Nettwerk Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Chihuahua". Some copies of this album feature a cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass", which also features Kristy.
1995 Mystery Machine "Heart of Glass" Nettwerk 7" Single Limited edition single featuring Kristy singing lead.
1997 Delerium Karma Nettwerk Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Enchanted", "Lamentation", "Wisdom", "’Til the End of Time" and "Heaven's Earth".
1999 Front Line Assembly Virgin Voices Volume 1 - A Tribute to Madonna Cleopatra/Eagle Records Compilation Kristy is featured on "Justify My Love". The song was supposed to be credited to Delerium, but due to contractual problems, the song is credited to another of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber's projects, Front Line Assembly.
2001 Delerium "Heaven's Earth" Nettwerk CD Single
2002 Balligomingo Beneath the Surface Windham Hill Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Heat".
2003 Delerium Chimera Nettwerk Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Returning".
2003 James Divine Intervention Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Sun Moon Stars" and "Catch Me". James Divine is the pseudonym of Kristy's brother J.T. James.
2004 Delerium The Best of Delerium Nettwerk Studio Album Compilation featuring "Flowers Become Screens" and "Incantation".
2006 Delerium Nuages du Monde Nettwerk Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Self-Saboteur".
2006 Sleepthief The Dawnseeker Neurodisc Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Sublunar (Sweet Angel)".
2007 Sleepthief The Chauffeur EP Neurodisc E.P. Kristy is featured on "Send Me an Angel".
2007 D:Fuse & Mike Hiratzka Skyline Lounge Lost Angeles Recordings Studio Album Kristy is featured on "Overkill".
2009 Sleepthief Labyrinthine Heart Neurodisc Studio Album Kristy is featured on "A Cut from the Fight" and "Reversals".
2010 Delerium Voice Nettwerk EP Kristy is featured on re-recorded versions of "Flowers Become Screens" and "Self-Saboteur".
2010 Matt Darey Nocturnal Black Hole Recordings Studio Album Kristy is featured singing "Black Flowers" on Matt Darey's Urban Astronauts project.
2012 Delerium Music Box Opera Nettwerk Studio Album Kristy is featured as a guest vocalist on "The Sky" and "Lock Down".
2015 Delerium Rarities & B-Sides Nettwerk Compilation Kristy is featured as a guest vocalist on "Ray".
2015 Conjure One Holoscenic Armada Music Bundles Studio Album Kristy is featured as a guest vocalist on "Ghost".


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