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Boris (Ber) Davydovich Brutskus (Russian: Борис (Бер) Давыдович Бруцкус, Hebrew: בוריס (בר/דּוֹב) בֶּן־דָּוִד ברוצקוס‎‎, German: Boris Brutzkus; October 15/October 3 (Russian information), 1874 – December 6/December 7 (same with birthdate), 1938) was a Russian economist.

Brutskus was born in Polangen/Palanga in the Russian Empire. His brother was the historian and politician Julius Brutzkus.

Brutskus published an English translation for Economic Planning in Soviet Russia with an introduction by Friedrich Hayek in 1935.

He was forced to exile by bolshevik government in 1922.[1]

He died in 1938 in Jerusalem.

Literary works[edit]

  • Экономия сельского хозяйства, народно-хозяйственные основа, 1924
  • Die Lehre des Marxismus im Lichte der russischen Revolution, 1928


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