Bosnian detainees at Guantanamo Bay

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The United States Department of Defense acknowledges holding approximately a dozen Bosnian citizens detained at Guantanamo Bay.[1]

A total of 778 detainees have been held in the Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba since the camps opened on January 11, 2002. The camp population peaked in 2004 to approximately 660. Only 19 new detainees, all "high value detainees" have been transferred there since the United States Supreme Court's ruling in Rasul v. Bush. As of April 2016, 80 detainees remain at Guantanamo.[2]

Bosnian detainees in Guantanamo[edit]

isn name status notes
65 Omar Rajab Amin
  • Joint citizen of Kuwait and Bosnia.[3]
  • Testified he arrived in Bosnia after the civil war was over, as an aid worker.[3]
  • Testified he fell in love with a Bosnian woman, and took Bosnian citizenship.[3]
  • Testified he paid the official fee for becoming a citizen, but he believed the citizenship clerk had added him to the list of foreign fighters who had aided Bosnia during the civil war, so he could pocket the fee.[3] The official fee for new citizens was waived for veterans.
535 Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed Al Sawah
  • Allegedly attended a bomb-making course.[4]
  • Allegedly served on the front lines in Afghanistan.[4]
  • Acknowledges he had lived for a time in Bosnia, unclear if he was a citizen. He denied engaging in hostilities in Bosnia.[5]
  • Acknowledges providing military training in Afghanistan, but said that it was all prior to 9-11, so none of it was in violation of US laws.[5]
  • There is no record that he has been released—or that an Administrative Review Boards convened to conduct his annual review in 2005 or 2006.[6][7]
10001 Bensayah Belkacem
10002 Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar
  • Suspected of plotting to bomb the US embassy in Sarajevo.[12]
  • Told his Tribunal that his interrogators refused to interrogate him over the alleged Embassy bombing plot.[13][14]
10003 Mohammed Nechle
10004 Mustafa Ait Idr
10005 Lakhdar Boumediene
10006 Hadj Boudella

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