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Bosse Lindquist
Bosse Lindquist 2016-11-08 003.jpg
Bosse Lindquist in November 2016

Bosse Lindquist (born 1954) is a Swedish radio and TV producer and writer. Since 2012, he directs investigative documentaries for Swedish Television's documentary department. From 2007 to 2009, Lindquist was head of the national radio broadcaster Swedish Radio’s documentary department. He was Ander Visiting Professor of Global Media Studies at Karlstad University from 2012 to 2013.[1] He has been a non-fiction author and director of documentaries since 1988.[2]


A series of documentaries on the state of modern genetics and prenatal diagnostics - Mechanics of Live – won the Prix Futura (now renamed Prix Europa) in Berlin 1995, and was also rewarded with the Ikarosprice for 1993 and the Association of Swedish Investigative Journalists prize for 1993. The radio-documentary The Rebels – about an extreme and secret Swedish maoist group got the Ikarosprize 1997 and together with Swedish Eugenics– about Sweden’s forced sterilization of women for eugenic reasons– the Vilhelm Moberg grant in 1997.[3] Bring the Jews Last - produced by Mikael Cohen - got a special commendation at Prix Italia 1998 as well as the prize of the law and history faculties of the Stockholm university 1998. The Silence of Phnom Penh – about Swedish support of the Pol Pot regime and also produced by Mikael Cohen – won the Prix Europa in Berlin 2000, the Association of Swedish Investigative Journalists prize[4] and the Ikarosprize for 1999. One TV documentary and one radio documentary about adoption from South Korea to Sweden received special commendations at Prix Europa 2002.[5]

A number of documentaries and books have been translated and broadcast in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Japan.

In 2009, Lindquist's film about Nobel laureate Carleton Gajdusek, who discovered the Kuru disease among a cannibal tribe in New Guinea and who also was a self-proclaimed pedophile, premiered on BBC Storyville. A co-production between, among others, BBC, Arte, SVT, NRK and DR was broadcast for the first time in 2009 by the BBC.[6] The film was officially selected for the IDFA in Amsterdam 2009, and was later shown at documentary festivals in Melbourne, Reykjavik, Thessaloniki, Bergen and Planete Doc Warszaw, among others.[7]

Lindquist has introduced a new format for translated radio - RadioVideo.[8] The new technique makes it possible to download radio programs with sub-titles for the computer, mpeg3 player and cell-phone.

May 2010, Lindquist released an investigation into systematic malpractices within the McDonald's Corporation. The documentary McCheat & Co[9] was produced for SVT - Sveriges Television – and showed systematic practicing of hour-shaving off its employees meagre salaries in Sweden and the United States.

The documentary, WikiRebels[10][11] was produced together with Jesper Huor for SVT and traced WikiLeaks unprecedented road to achievement, fame and notoriety, interviewing Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg among others, as well as tracing WikiLeaks usage of the unprecedented US leaks on Iraq, Afghanistan and diplomacy. The films has been shown in 30 countries worldwide and has spread widely on the internet.[12]

Give Us the Money[13] was part of the Why Poverty series of documentaries, broadcast worldwide by BBC, SVT, Arte, PBS and more than 70 other countries as of November 2012. The film received a 2012 Peabody Award[14] and traces rock musicians Bono and Bob Geldof's decade long lobbying and advocacy against extreme poverty in Africa.

Double Bookkeeping exposed financial and auditing mispractices and illegalities at global forestry giant Stora Enso, 2013, and "Car Burning as Job Hunting" - on urban riots in Swedish suburbs 2014.[15]

In January 2016, Lindquist's trilogy The Experiments[16] exposed scientific fraud and experimentation on humans. The series investigates Swiss surgeon Paolo Macchiarini's claims to having invented plastic organs with which he purportedly saved terminally ill patients. Six out of eight of the "saved" patients have died. One is still alive, but suffering from enormous injuries. Scientific, legal and medical repercussions are unfolding in Sweden, Russia, Italy and several other countries. The trilogy was broadcast in the UK as part of the BBC's Storyville series in October 2016 as Fatal Experiments: The Downfall of a Supersurgeon.[17]



  • Förädlade svenskar, Alfabeta 1991[18]
  • Rullstol och varm korv, with Walter Hirsch, Publisher: LL-förlaget, 1991. Translated into German 1995.
  • Kärlek i vått och torrt, with Walter Hirsch, Publisher: LL-förlaget, 1993. Translated into German 1995.
  • Genguiden, with Robert Nyberg, Publisher: Alfabeta 1995[19]
  • Hakkors och skinnskallar - rasism från Auschwitz till Vålberg, with Kurdo Baksi, Robert Blombäck & Susanne Berglind, Publisher: LL-förlaget 1998.
  • ”Om rasistiska brott i nyheterna”, in Vita redaktioner, mörk magi, Ylva Brune ed, Publisher: Carlssons 1998.

Television documentaries[edit]

  • Once, I was Korean, 2002 (Director, with film-maker Bo Öhlén)
  • Vad är det för fel på Socialen? 2003 (Exec. producer)
  • In the Name of God – on the Church and the Rwandan Genocide 2004 (Exec. producer)
  • The Rebels 2005 (Director)[20]
  • Feminism in the Social-Democrat Party 2006 (Exec. producer)
  • The Genius and the Boys, 2009 (Director)
  • McCheat & Co, 2010 (Director)
  • WikiRebels, 2010 (Director, with co-producer Jesper Huor)
  • Give Us the Money, 2012
  • Experimenten / Fatal Experiments: The Downfall of a Supersurgeon, 2016[21][17]

Radio documentaries[edit]

  • Vällingby i Afrika, 1988
  • Förädlade svenskar - rashygien och sterilisering, 1990
  • Bland tinnar och torn, 1992
  • Prinsessans fängelse, 1996
  • Aftonbladet och hotbilderna, 2000
  • The series Livets mekano - om genetik, slump och miljö:
    • En forskardröm, 1993
    • Blodsband, 1993
    • Vem ska få leva?, 1993
  • The series En vit fläck på kartan - om ett vitt paradis i Afrika:
    • Pionjärer, 1995
    • Friherrinnans fristad, 1995
    • Den gränslöse kolonisatören, 1995
  • The series Svarta Sverige - om främlingsfientlighet i Sverige:
    • Statslös Lucia, 1996
    • Invandrare, född i Vålberg, 1996
  • The series En studie i borgerlighet - om svenska maoister:
    • Östern är röd, 1997
    • Elitpartiet, 1997
    • Rebellerna / The Rebels, 1997[22]
  • The series Flyktingströmmar från nazi-Tyskland till Sverige:
    • Ta judarna sist/Bring the Jews last, 1998
    • Sverige och de baltiska SS-männen, 1998
  • The series about Sweden and the Khmer Rouge:
    • Tystnaden i Phnom Pehn / The silence of Phnom Penh, 1999[23]
    • I revolutionens hjärta, 1999
  • The series Adoption:
    • Varför är jag här?, 2002
    • Svensk adoption, 2002


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