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Boston Metro Opera is an American opera company based in Boston, Massachusetts, which is currently not operating.


Boston Metro Opera was founded in 2008. It has established a reputation as "...a robust new company with a penchant for trendsetting productions" and New England's premier 'new opera' opera company. Since 2009, Boston Metro has produced ninety-four new works, mostly premieres including one opera commissioned by the company. After the General Director Christopher A. Smith had announced to leave Metro Opera in at the end of summer 2015, the board of directors voted to indefinitely suspend all operations.[1]


  • Enrich the Greater Boston community with high-quality productions in a wide range of styles.
  • Provide talented artists with roles, which will help prepare them for careers in music.
  • Advocate for new music and contemporary opera, serve as a voice for the music of living composers, and induct new works into the standard repertory.
  • Make opera both accessible and affordable in the hope that we may share it with new audiences, continue to build existing audiences, and instill a lifelong love of music in all audiences.



  • Scenes from Hamlet (David Edgar Walther / William Shakesepeare)
  • Opera a la carte Gala

(N.B. Some works not performed this season have been removed from the list.)


  • Happy Birthday, David Walther
    • Blessings on Your Home (David Edgar Walther / Drew Hubbard)
    • Halloween from The Swallow and The Prince (David Edgar Walther / Oscar Wilde)
    • Laertes' Lament from H (David Edgar Walther / William Shakespeare)
    • Nine Spirituals (Traditional / Arr. David Edgar Walther
    • Second Love from Edward II (David Edgar Walther / Christopher Marlowe)
    • Wolf's Ear from Edward II (David Edgar Walther / Christopher Marlowe)
    • KeHoTeque's Dream from Antigon (David Edgar Walther)
    • KeHoTeque's Death from Antigon (David Edgar Walther)
    • Victory from Edward II (David Edgar Walther / Christopher Marlowe)
    • Poison Cup from Edward II (David Edgar Walther / Christopher Marlowe)
    • Heaven from The Island Curse (David Edgar Walther)
    • Six Songs of Innocence and Experience (David Edgar Walther / William Blake)
    • Eclipse (David Edgar Walther)
    • Cal'mus Songs (David Edgar Walther / Walt Whitman)
  • Happy Birthday, Daron Hagen
    • Figments (Daron Hagen / Alice Wirth Gray)
    • Muldoon Songs (Daron Hagen / Paul Muldoon)
    • Merrill Songs (Daron Hagen / James Merrill)
    • Echo's Songs (Daron Hagen / Various)
  • Angel of the Amazon (Evan Mack)




Boston Metro Opera has launched several major initiatives designed the reinvent and revolutionize the opera industry as a whole.

Boston-International Contempo Festival[edit]

Formerly The Contemporary AmericanaFestival, the Boston-International Contempo Festival is a new music festival, currently entering its fourth consecutive year. Widely "regarded as one of North America's most important venues for new works in opera, musical theatre, choral music, and art song", this annual event offers performances of new vocal music, submitted by composers worldwide. Its mission is to foster the music of living composers, promote the artistic talent of today, connect the new music community, support the mission of the Boston Metro Opera, and advance the genres of new music and contemporary opera and the innovation in and continuing evolution of these art forms.

Past Repertory[edit]

  • En Mis Palabras (Roger W. Ames / Jeffrey Gilden)
  • Fox Fables (Peter Winkler / Rhoda Levine)
  • Grant & Grace (Lon W. Chaffin)
  • The Golden Ax (David Heuser / Gary S. Albright)
  • Remember Me (Sarah D. Hutchings)
  • Scene from A Scandal in Bohemia (Thomas Whitman / Nathalie Anderson)
  • Scene from H (David Edgar Walther / William Shakesepare)
  • Scene from The Magic Mirror (Polina Nazaykinskaya)
  • The Quantum Mechanic (John G. Bilotta / John F. McGrew)
  • Nora at the Altar-Rail (Jay Anthony Gach / Royce Vavrek)
Art Songs[edit]
  • A Coney Island of the Mind (Randal Despommier)
  • Alla Luna (Daniel J. Knaggs)
  • Ancient Voices (Deborah J. Anderson)
  • Five Songs (Polina Nazaykinskaya)
  • Florida (Randall Eng)
  • Four Retablos (John Beeman)
  • From Nashville to Dalton (Rachel Devore Fogarty)
  • I would live in your love (Michael Djupstrom)
  • Love Letters from a War (Cherise D. Leiter)
  • Love Sounded (Amir Zaheri)
  • Sleep now, o you unquiet heart (Randal Despommier)
  • Songs of Edmund Waller (Richard Rice)
  • Songs of Enchantment and Wonder (Joseph Eidson)
  • Songs of Love (Paul Osterfield)
  • Spring Giddiness (Christopher LaRosa)
  • The Prairie Sings (Philip Wharton)
  • This is What I Know (Bruce Babcock)
  • Three Longfellow Songs (Kevin Hartnett)
  • Three Lullabies (Zachary Wadsworth)
  • Three Reflections of Sister Dorothy (Evan Mack)
  • To Keep from Drowning (Gregory Hoepfner)
  • Updike's Science (Brian Holmes)
  • Vignettes of Two Lovers (Christopher LaRosa)
  • Voices from the Village (Jon Jeffrey Grier)
  • Whalefall (Monica Houghton)
Choral Works[edit]
  • Amazing Grace (arr. Paul J. Rudoi)
  • Amen, Alleluia (Daniel J. Knaggs)
  • Andreas Christi Famulus (Ivo Antognini)
  • Aus Lieb (Battista Pradal)
  • Because (Mark Zuckerman)
  • Blessings on Your Home (David Edgar Walther)
  • Bogoroditse, Devo Radusya (Sergey Khvoshchinsky)
  • Do not stand at my grave and weep (Robert Paterson)
  • Dipuku Rauda (Charles Halka)
  • He Who Eats My Flesh (Daniel J. Knaggs)
  • i am a little church (Joshua Saulle)
  • I Seek Rest for My Lonely Heart (Mark Dal Porto)
  • Little Orphant Annie (Marie Incontrera)
  • Sacramentum (Erik Rohde)
  • Song of the Moon (Kristopher Maloy)
  • There will come soft rains (Ivo Antognini)
  • Three Spirituals (Robert S. Cohen)
  • Thrice is Sweet Music Sweet (Paul J. Rudoi)
  • To Music (Mark Frode Kilstofte)

Opera on Site[edit]

Opera on Site is the world's first virtual opera house also rich in interactivity. A pay-per-view service, Opera on Site enables patrons to stream Boston Metro Opera's live and archived performances, interact with other viewers through integrated chat features, tweet and review their experience, respond to in-time polls and questionnaires, anywhere there is an Internet connection. Its mission is to adapt the operatic conventions and traditions, enhance the operatic experience, expand the operatic audience, and strengthen the operatic art form, as well as to provide unprecedented and easy access to the operas of today and the artists of tomorrow.

Opera Puppets[edit]

Opera Puppets is a global-audience building program that injects opera from all eras with modern puppetry. Its mission is to cultivate and expand operatic audiences on a worldwide basis.


  • 2012–2015: Embrace the new
  • 2009–2012: The new face of opera