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Botanica is a New York based band, founded in Los Angeles in 1999, led by erstwhile Firewater co-conspirator, keyboardist/singer Paul Wallfisch. Named for those mysterious stores stocking spells, potions and artifacts of ritual, Botanica features strings, musical saw, toy piano, omnichord, optigan and other odd keyboards and is known for a dynamic and eclectic mix of gypsy and punk-cabaret infused chamber rock. Members and collaborators have included Brian Viglione (of The Dresden Dolls), Jason Binnick (The Flesh, Hallelujah), Miriam Eicher (Hallelujah, Cardiac Move), Abby Travis, (Beck, Elastica, KMFDM), Ivan Knight, (Stan Ridgeway), Daniel Ash, (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets), Frankie Infante, (Blondie), Kid Congo Powers, (Nick Cave, Cramps), Oren Kaplan, (Gogol Bordello), Matt Flynn, (Maroon 5), and Anne de Wolff, (Calexico, Neko Case). Since 2002, the core of the band has been Wallfisch and guitarist/songwriter John Andrews, with bassist and vocalist Dana Schechter, (Bee and Flower), recently taking over for Christian Bongers. Botanica has worked with various producers including Martin Bisi, Moses Schneider, Pete Min and Tamir Muskat. Malediction, the band's first album was released on Checkered Past Records in the U.S. and Cargo in Europe. Botanica toured nationally from 1999-2002, including support dates with 16 Horsepower, Super Furry Animals and Rocket From the Crypt. The band's subsequent albums have all been released exclusively in Europe, the last 3 through Germany's Rent A Dog label. The third album, Botanica vs. the Truth Fish, features a cover painting courtesy of renowned British artist Dexter Dalwood. Among TV and radio appearances in several countries, the band has taped a full concert for the legendary Rockpalast show on Germany's WDR. Berlin Hi-Fi, Botanica's 4th album came out in May '06 and was featured as a Visions Magazine "Beauty of the Month." Botanica has toured Europe twice a year since 2002, their last appearances in October 2007 presented by the German magazines Visions, Intro and Westzeit. Botanica contributed the track "Broken Bicycles" to the Tom Waits tribute album New Coat of Paint released on Manifesto Records in 2002 and also featuring Screaming Jay Hawkins, Carla Bozulich, Lydia Lunch and Sally Norvell accompanied by Paul Wallfisch at the piano. Botanica's music has been used in several films including Men Cry Bullets (Phaedra), and The Takedown(Dimension/Miramax). Botanica, (with ex-Jesus Lizard David Sims), is featured in Greg Pritikin's film "Dummy" (Artisan Entertainment), starring Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich. Wallfisch also scored the film.


  • Malediction—Checkered Past Records [1999]
  • With All Seven Fingers—Subway Records/Alive Distribution [2002]
  • Botanica vs. the Truth Fish—Rent A Dog/Alive Distribution [2005]
  • Berlin Hi Fi—Rent A Dog/Alive [2006]
  • The Magnetic Waltz—Rent A Dog/Alive/Different [2007]
  • americanundone—Rent A Dog/Alive [2009]
  • Who You Are [2010]
  • What Do You Believe [2012]

Compilations & Soundtracks[edit]

  • "Broken Bicycles" on the compilation "New Coat of Paint"--Manifesto Records [2000]
  • "Pray" on the Ox Fanzine compilation #49—Cargo Germany [2003]
  • "Dummy" film soundtrack featuring "Dead Prophet, "Let's Go" and various film cues—Jellybean/Sony [2004]
  • "Three Women" on the Between the Lines compilation—Vienna Songwriting Association/EMI Austria [2008]

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