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Bouhadid is located in Algeria
Coordinates: 29°52′28″N 1°50′18″W / 29.87444°N 1.83833°W / 29.87444; -1.83833Coordinates: 29°52′28″N 1°50′18″W / 29.87444°N 1.83833°W / 29.87444; -1.83833
Country Algeria
ProvinceBéchar Province
DistrictEl Ouata District
CommuneEl Ouata[1]
433 m (1,421 ft)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Bouhadid is a village in the commune of El Ouata,[1] in Béchar Province, Algeria. The village is located on the northeast bank of the Oued Saoura just north of El Ouata, and southeast of Tamtert.[2]


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