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Boulder City Airport was an airport in Boulder City, Clark County, Nevada.



Boulder City Airport was dedicated on December 10, 1933. Airline service arrived on June 15, 1936 with Grand Canyon Airlines. Trans World Airlines opened a terminal at the airport on May 20, 1938; its last DC-3 left in 1949-50 and the airport may never have seen an airline after that. The terminal building was sold in 1958 to the Boulder City Elks Club.[1]

The 1958 USGS 1:24000 topo map (the Boulder City quad, online at shows the layout, three runways just southeast of US 93. The March 1959 chart says unpaved runway 3 was 6383 ft long, while 6495-ft runway 17 and 3680-ft runway 12 (both unpaved) were "not maintained". About 1964 they paved 3000 ft of runway 3. The June 1988 directory says runway 3 was 2965 ft of asphalt and runway 17 was 2880 ft dirt; the August 1990 directory shows no airport, old or new, at Boulder City.


Boulder City Airport has been replaced by Boulder City Municipal Airport.


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Coordinates: 35°58′13″N 114°50′58″W / 35.9704°N 114.8494°W / 35.9704; -114.8494