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Bradshaw's Illustrated Hand-Book for Travellers in Belgium, 1856
Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide, 1891
Bradshaw's Handbook for Tourists in Great Britain and Ireland, 1882

Bradshaw's was a series of railway timetables and travel guide books published by W.J. Adams of London. George Bradshaw initiated the series in 1839; after his death in 1853 the Bradshaw's range of titles continued until 1961.[1][2]

List of Bradshaw's by geographic coverage[edit]

British Isles[edit]



  • Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Hand-Book of Great Britain and Ireland. London: W.J. Adams. 1860. 
    • Section 2: Berks, Buckingham, Wilts, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Gloucester, the South Wales districts, Oxford, Warwick, Salop, Chester, Flint, Carnarvon, Anglesea and through Ireland
  • Bradshaw's Shilling Hand-Book of Great Britain and Ireland, London: W.J. Adams, 1860 
    • Section 3: London and North Western, North Stafford, Lancashire and Yorkshire (Western section), Preston, Lancaster, and Carlisle, Ayrshire, Caledonian, and Scotch Railways + Index
  • Bradshaw's Monthly Alphabetical Hand-book through London and its Environs, London: W.J. Adams, 1862 
  • Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Hand-Book of Great Britain and Ireland, 1870 
    • Section 1: Kent, Sussex, Hants, Dorset, Devon, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Wight + Index
  • Bradshaw's Illustrated Handbook for Tourists in Great Britain and Ireland. 1876. 




Germany and Austria[edit]




  • Bradshaw's Hand-Book to the Turkish Empire, 2: Syria & Palestine, London: W.J. Adams, c. 1873 


List of Bradshaw's by date of publication[edit]


  • Bradshaw's Railway Time Tables and Assistant to Railway Travelling, 1839 [3]
  • Bradshaw's Railway Companion, 1840 [3]
  • Bradshaw's Monthly Railway Guide, 1841 [3]
  • Bradshaw's Descriptive Guide to the London & South Western Railway. London: Adams. 1845. 
  • Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide, 1847 [3]





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