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Brandon Chang 張卓楠
Born (1982-12-28) December 28, 1982 (age 34)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Origin Taiwan, Hong Kong
Years active 2002–present

Brandon Chang (Chinese: 張卓楠; Hanyu Pinyin: Zhāng Zhúonán; born 28 December 1982) is a popular Taiwanese artist. By his late-teens, he became the apprentice of Michelle Yeoh (an internationally acclaimed superstar), before returning to Taiwan to pursue his entertainment career.

Life and career[edit]

Brandon Chang was born on 28 December 1982 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Growing up overseas, he was very talented in both sports and music. At an early age, his parents encouraged him to be active in sports (particularly in martial arts, and in music, especially with the piano, which he began to take up lessons at the age of five. His focus gradually turned towards his taste for music after he was able to complete his piano studies by the age of 10, and thereafter started picking up other instruments, such as the guitar. Though he mainly spoke English with his siblings and friends, he also spoke Mandarin and Cantonese at home with his father, a Taiwanese, and his mother, a Hong Kong Chinese. At the age of 14, he moved to Hong Kong with his family, and by early-20's, he moved back to Taipei, Taiwan.

His career first started-off at the age of 16 when Brandon started off modeling in Hong Kong. His first casting landed him a commercial shoot with Nokia in France. This was followed by several other shoots with fashionable brands. Within a year, Brandon was cast to star in one of Hong Kong's popular teen dramas, then known as RTHK's Y2K.

By 2001, Brandon signed under Media Asia Entertainment Group [1], the same company as Hong Kong's Jackie Chan and one of Asia's largest and most successful Chinese language film studios It was then that Michelle Yeoh took notice of Brandon and his talents. Brandon's family soon became very close to Michelle, and with the approval of his parents, Michelle took Brandon as her apprentice. Brandon started shooting his first film in the same year, The Touch (2002), starring Hollywood's Ben Chaplin and Richard Roxburgh, followed by Silver Hawk (2003).

In 2005. Brandon launched his own lifestyle sneaker brand " Greedy Genius " in the United States. Greedy Genius immediately captured a following with many celebrities and rappers around the globe and sold to top stores including well known fashion department store Barneys New York. In the recent years, Greedy Genius has become a household name in the sneaker market covered by leading magazines and websites throughout the world and has expanded its market throughout United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Eurasia...

In 2009, Brandon was chosen by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of Asia's Best Young Entrepreneurs.

In 2010, Chang partnered with Mandopop singer songwriter JJ Lin to form fashion label Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG). Retail stores and operations in Taiwan and China.

In 2013 Chang partnered for the apparel brand MSFTSrep. Founded by celebrity Jaden Smith

In 2013, Brandon signs with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) one of Hollywood's top talent agencies. In the same year he also partners up and joins Invincible Plan company founded by actor Bolin Chen and movie producer Maxx Tsai for management and film productions.

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