Branko Mladenović

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Sevastokrator of the Serbian Empire
Branko belt vertical.jpg
Branko's belt, at display at London.
Serbian imperial magnate
Coat of arms Coat of Arms of Branko Mladenovic.png
  • sevastokrator
Spouse Unnamed noblewoman
Titles and styles
  • sevastokrator (севастократор), second-highest court title at that time
Noble family Branković (progenitor)
Born Serbian Kingdom
Died before March 1365

Branko (Serbian: Бранко[a]; fl. 1355) was a Serbian magnate who served under Emperor Stefan Dušan (r. 1331–55) as sevastokrator. He was the governor of the oblast (province) of Lake Ohrid, and was, according to his title, a relative of the ruling Nemanjić dynasty. Branko's father Mladen had served the Serbian kingdom in Trebinje and the Bay of Kotor. His sister Ratislava married Altoman Vojinović. Branko is the eponymous founder of the Branković noble family.



  1. ^ His name was Branko (Бранко). He is usually referred to with his title sevastokrator Branko (севастократор Бранко) in Serbian sources. As a son of Mladen, his full name is Branko Mladenović (Бранко Младеновић).