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Brantridge Park, Balcombe, West Sussex, England is a 19th-century country house, formerly one of the lesser royal residences.

The present house was built on the site of an earlier farm, Brantridge Farm. Sir Robert Loder acquired the estate in 1849, and by 1874, Brantridge Park mansion had been built.[1]

Standing in Brantridge Forest, it was the seat of the 1st Earl of Athlone, and his wife, Princess Alice of Albany, the last surviving granddaughter of Queen Victoria. They leased the house from Lord Cowdray from 1922 onwards.

The Princess Beatrice, youngest daughter of Queen Victoria, also lived in Brantridge Park from 1919 to 1944.

Sir Denys Lowson, at one time Lord Mayor of London, lived there for some years after the Athlones. The house was then used as a home for disabled children.

More recently the house was divided into apartments, and operated as a time-share resort until January 2008.

In December 2016 Brantridge Park was bought by the architect Anders Dahl and his wive Fiona Bigwood. The two olympic dressage riders plan to transform the grounds to an equestrian center. [2]


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Coordinates: 51°3′26.32″N 0°9′52.64″W / 51.0573111°N 0.1646222°W / 51.0573111; -0.1646222