Brasileiro de Marcas

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Brasileiro de Marcas
Category Touring cars
Country Brazil
Inaugural season 2011
Constructors Chevrolet
Tyre suppliers Pirelli
Drivers' champion Brazil Nono Figueiredo
Teams' champion Onze Motorsport
Makes' champion Chevrolet
Official website [1]
Motorsport current event.svg Current season

The Brasileiro de Marcas (Brazilian Brands) is a touring car racing series based in Brazil.

From 2011 onwards, this new Brasileiro de Marcas continued the former Campeonato Brasileiro de Marcas e Pilotos (Brazilian Championship of Brands and Drivers). which had been discontinued after 2009.


The Campeonato Brasileiro de Marcas e Pilotos (Brazilian Championship of Brand and Drivers) was a touring car racing based in Brazil. It had two incarnations, the first one between 1983 and 1994, and the second one between 2004 and 2009.

Start in 1983 the Campeonato Brasileiro de Marcas e Pilotos was a strong touring car racing championship, with direct involvement of the manufactures, had its last year of competition in 1994, the champions were Egon Herzfield and Vicente Daudt, who run with the Ford Escort. At the end of 1994 season, the promise was that we would have for the 1995 season imported cars, utilize in some championships as; BTCC or DTM, but this promise was not fulfilled and the championship was declared ended.

After ten years, in 2004 that announced the return of the championship with new rules and cars, organized for Toninho de Souza and Brazilian Confederation of Auto Racing (CBA), the championship not obtained success and was ended in 2009.

Brasileiro de Marcas[edit]

In 2011 was announced the return of the championship with Brasileiro de Marcas name and completely reworked.The return of the championship in 2011, organized by Vicar and participation by several teams and drivers of Stock Car Brasil, has with object, return of disputes by manufacturers in Brazil. Chevrolet, Ford and Honda officially entering and Toyota partly.[1] Thiago Camilo won the title, Chevrolet won the Manufactures' championship and Full Time Sports the Teams' championship.[2]

Manufacturer representation[edit]

Thiago Camilo leading the race in Brasília 2011

Scoring system[edit]

Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Points 25 20 16 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Campeonato Brasileiro de Marcas e Pilotos[edit]

Year Drivers Car
1983 Antonio da Matta Fiat 147
1984 Jayme Figueiredo
Xandy Negrão
Volkswagen Voyage
1985 Fábio Greco
Lian Duarte
Volkswagen Voyage
1986 Armando Balbi
Xandy Negrão
Volkswagen Passat
1987 Clemente Faria
Vinicius Pimentel
Volkswagen Passat
1988 Andreas Mattheis Volkswagen Passat
1989 Antonio da Matta
Gunnar Volmer
Volkswagen Passat
1990 Andreas Mattheis
Ricardo Cosac
Volkswagen Passat
1991 Paulo Gomes
Claudio Girotto
Volkswagen Passat Voyage
1992 Andreas Mattheis
Paulo Judice
Ford Escort
1993 Andreas Mattheis
Paulo Judice
Ford Escort
1994 Egon Herzfield
Vicente Daudt
Ford Escort

Not held
2004 Rodrigo Navarro Volkswagen Gol
2005 Rafael Iserhard Chevrolet Corsa
2006 Fabio Ebrahim Volkswagen Gol
2007 Geraldo Sermann Volkswagen Gol
2008 Not held
2009 Marco Romanini Volkswagen Gol
2010 Not held

Brasileiro de Marcas[edit]

Season Driver Car Team Make's champion Team's champion
2011 Thiago Camilo Chevrolet Astra Carlos Alves Competições Chevrolet Full Time Sports
2012 Ricardo Maurício Honda Civic Full Time Sports Toyota Full Time Sports
2013 Ricardo Maurício Honda Civic JLM Racing Honda JLM Racing
2014 Ricardo Maurício Honda Civic JLM Racing Toyota JLM Racing
2015 Vitor Meira Honda Civic JLM Racing Honda JLM Racing
2016 Nonô Figueiredo Chevrolet Cruze Onze Motorsport Honda JLM Racing

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