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Brathering on a bun

Brathering (/ˈbrtˌhrɪŋ/; English: fried herring) is a simple German dish of fried, marinated herring.

In a common recipe, green (i.e., fresh) herrings with the head and gut removed are either breaded or simply turned in flour, then fried, and finally pickled in a marinade of vinegar and briefly boiled water, onion, salt, spices like pepper, bay leaves and mustard seeds and a little sugar.

The herring are served cold and well pervaded, together with bread, fried potatoes or jacket potatoes. The thin bones of the green herring are partially dissolved in the marinade, so that they hardly interfere with eating.

If cooled, fried herrings may be preserved for up to two weeks. They are also available as a commercial product.