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Brauer or Bräuer is a surname of German origin, meaning "brewer". Notable people with the name include:-

  • Arik Brauer (born 1929), Austrian painter, poet, and actor, father of Timna Brauer
  • Friedrich Moritz Brauer (1832–1904), Austrian entomologist and museum director
  • Ingrid Arndt-Brauer (born 1961), German politician; member of the Bundestag
  • Jono Brauer (born 1981), Australian Olympic skier
  • Max Brauer (1887–1973), German politician; First Mayor of Hamburg
  • Michael Brauer (contemporary), American audio engineer
  • Rich Brauer (born 1954), American politician from Illinois; state legislator since 2003
  • Richard Brauer (1901–1977), German-American mathematician
  • Richard H. W. Brauer (contemporary), American art museum director; eponym of the Brauer Museum of Art in Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Simón Brauer (born 1973), Ecuadorian photographer and cinematographer
  • Thage Brauer (1894–1988), Swedish Olympic high jumper
  • Timna Brauer (born 1961), Austrian singer and songwriter, daughter of Arik Brauer
  • Tiny Brauer (1909–1990), American actor
  • Wilfried Brauer (1937-2014), German computer scientist


  • Bruno Bräuer (1893–1947), German general officer and paratrooper; executed in Greece for war crimes
  • Curt Bräuer (1889–1969), German diplomat; ambassador to Norway at the time of the German invasion

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