Brazilian Flag Anthem

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"Brazilian Flag Anthem"
Language Portuguese[1]
Released November 9, 1906 (1906-11-09)[1]
Songwriter(s) Olavo Bilac[1]
Composer(s) Francisco Braga[1]
"Brazilian Flag Anthem" (choral)

The "Brazilian Flag Anthem" (Portuguese: Hino à Bandeira Nacional, literally "National Flag Anthem") is a song dedicated to the Brazilian flag.


The song's lyrics were written by poet Olavo Bilac, and the music composed by Francisco Braga. The anthem was presented for the first time on November 9, 1906 and was intended to be a replacement for the National Anthem.

The Flag Anthem (as all other patriotic anthems and songs) was highly praised in the past, especially during the military dictatorship of 1964–1985, but has since lost some of its appeal. It is still performed on November 19 (Flag Day), as well as in Flag replacement ceremonies.

Flag replacement ceremonies (held in military institutions, in schools, etc., and periodically also at the Praça dos Três Poderes in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, to replace the flag that hovers over the seat of the Brazilian government), usually consist of the Flag Anthem being played while the old flag is lowered, and the National Anthem being played while the new flag is raised. In the case of perpetual displays of the Flag (places where the Nation Flag is always displayed without even minimal interruptions), such as the case of the aforementioned Flag in the Praça dos Três Poderes, the new flag is raised first, while the National Anthem is played, and only then the old flag is lowered, while the Flag Anthem is sung.

Anthem lyrics[edit]

Portuguese lyrics[1] English translation
1. Salve, lindo pendão da esperança!
Salve, símbolo augusto da paz!
Tua nobre presença à lembrança
A grandeza da Pátria nos traz.
Recebe o afeto que se encerra
Em nosso peito juvenil,
Querido símbolo da terra,
Da amada terra do Brasil!
2. Em teu seio formoso retratas
Este céu de puríssimo azul,
A verdura sem par destas matas,
E o esplendor do Cruzeiro do Sul.
3. Contemplando o teu vulto sagrado,
Compreendemos o nosso dever,
E o Brasil por seus filhos amado,
Poderoso e feliz há de ser!
4. Sobre a imensa nação brasileira,
Nos momentos de festa ou de dor,
Paira sempre, sagrada bandeira,
Pavilhão da justiça e do amor!
1. Hail, precious banner of hope!
Hail, august symbol of peace!
Thy noble presence to our minds
The greatness of our motherland does bring.
Take the affection enclosed
In our youthful chest,
Dear symbol of the land,
Of the beloved land of Brazil!
2. In thy beauteous bosom thou portrayest
This sky of purest blue,
The peerless greenness of these forests,
And the splendor of the Southern Cross.
3. Beholding thy sacred shadow,
We understand our duty,
And Brazil, loved by its children,
Powerful and happy shall be!
4. Over the immense Brazilian Nation,
In times of happiness or grief,
Hover always, o sacred flag,
Pavilion of justice and love!


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