Brevik Bridge

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Breviksbrua and Grenlandsbrua over the Frierfjord

Brevik Bridge (in Norwegian Breviksbrua) is a bridge over the mouth of the Frierfjord which connects the municipalities of Bamble and Porsgrunn in Telemark county. On the west side, in Bamble, lies Stathelle, while on the east side lies Brevik in Porsgrunn.

The bridge was opened in 1962, and was a part of E18 until 1996, when the E18 was rerouted via a new bridge, the Grenland Bridge (in Norwegian Grenlandsbrua) which lies further up the fjord.

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Coordinates: 59°03′00″N 9°41′40″E / 59.05000°N 9.69444°E / 59.05000; 9.69444