Lysefjord Bridge

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Lysefjord Bridge 8 August 2004 seen from MF Høgsfjord between Lauvik and Oanes. Photo: Hallvard Nygård
Lysefjord Bridge from the Forsand side

Lysefjord Bridge is a suspension bridge in Rogaland, Norway. Construction of the bridge began in 1995 and was finished in 1997 at a cost of NOK150 million.[1] It has a main span of 446 meters and the depth of the deck is 2.7 meters. The supporting towers are 102 meters tall, and are made of reinforced concrete.


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Coordinates: 58°55′25″N 6°05′55″E / 58.9237°N 6.0985°E / 58.9237; 6.0985