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Ypsilon Bridge
The Ypsilon Bridge seen from the Strømsø side
Coordinates 59°44′40″N 10°11′43″E / 59.744396°N 10.195313°E / 59.744396; 10.195313
Carries Pedestrians, cyclists
Crosses Drammenselva
Locale Drammen, Norway
Design Cable-stayed bridge
Material Steel
Height 47 meters
Longest span 90 meters
No. of spans 3
Piers in water 1
Clearance below 6 meters
Designer Arne Eggen
Opened 2008
The Ypsilon Bridge seen from the Bragernes side
Close-up image
The Ypsilon Bridge seen from the Strømsø side

The Ypsilon Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over Drammenselva in Drammen, Norway.[1]

The pedestrian bridge connects Kunnskapsparken, the science park of Grønland in Drammen with the city park on Bragernes. The bridge was designed by the firm of Arne Eggen Architects. The three-way bridge has been given the name "Ypsilon" due to its special form – from the air it looks like a Y, with one abutment on the Strømsø side and two at the Bragernes side. The project was co-funded by the municipality of Drammen and Kunnskapsparken AS. Kunnskapsparken accommodates the libraries of the Buskerud University College, the public library of Drammen, and the Buskerud Regional Library.[2]


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