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Brie Howard (born August 9, 1949) is an American musician and actress. She has also appeared or been credited under the names Brie Brandt, Brie Berry, Brie Darling, and Brie Howard-Darling.

Under the name Brie Brandt, she was the drummer of a high school band in Sacramento, California called the Svelts. Brandt left this band in 1968 to give birth, but in 1970 she briefly rejoined some of her former bandmates in a short-lived lineup of Fanny, on lead vocals and percussion. Brandt soon left that band,[1] which then went on to become the first all-woman rock band to release an album on a major label. Brandt joined Fanny again in 1974 and played on their final album, Rock and Roll Survivors, but left again when she married composer James Newton Howard. Later, under the name Brie Howard-Darling she performed vocals and percussion in the bands American Girls, which released one album in 1986; and Boxing Gandhis, which has released four albums since the mid-1990s.

Howard has appeared on many albums as a backing vocalist and/or percussionist, including Peter Criss's Let Me Rock You, Lynda Carter's Portrait, Jimmy Buffett's Feeding Frenzy, the Pointer Sisters' Break Out, Andrew Ridgeley's Son of Albert, Carole King's In Concert, Electric Light Orchestra's A New World Record, and Ringo Starr's Ringo the 4th. She was also the drummer on Alexander O'Neal's famous video for his single "Criticize". She also appeared in the music videos for Robbie Nevil's "C'est la Vie" (1986), "Dominoes" (1987), and "Wot's It to Ya" (1987).[2]

As an actress, Howard starred opposite Klaus Kinski in Aaron Lipstadt's sci-fi film Android and appeared in a few other films, including Somebody to Love with the Screamin' Sirens. Howard is the mother of Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt,[3] making her the former mother-in-law of Nikki Sixx.

In 2016, Howard joined a live performance by her former Fanny bandmates June and Jean Millington. This inspired the formation of a new band called Fanny Walked the Earth. An album of all-new songs with the same title was released in March 2018. The album marks the first time June, Jean, and Brie all recorded at the same time in about 50 years.[4][5]



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