Brinda Sarathy

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Brinda Sarathy
Born Subramanian N.[1]
Tamil Nadu, India
Occupation film director, screenwriter, dialogue writer
Years active 2001 – present

Brinda Sarathy is a Tamil film director, screenwriter and dialogue writer.

Brindha Sarathy started his film career working as an associate director and dialogue writer to N. Linguswamy in his debut film Aanandham.[2] However, he didn't work together with Linguswamy again in the latter's subsequent films, but turned an independent director [3] He went on to make his directorial debut with the romance film Thithikudhe with Jeeva and Sridevi Vijaykumar in lead roles in 2003, which was a moderate success.

He then had planned to shoot his next film after, again featuring Jeeva in the lead, which, however got shelved for unknown reasons and didn't take off again.[4] After a long hiatus, he again joined Linguswamy as a dialogue writer for the romantic-action film Paiyaa in 2010.


Year Film Credited as Notes
Director Writer
2001 Aanandham Red XN Green tickY Dialogues only
2003 Thithikudhe Green tickY Green tickY
2010 Paiyaa Red XN Green tickY Dialogues only
2012 Vettai Red XN Green tickY Dialogues only
2014 Anjaan Red XN Green tickY Dialogues only


Thithikudhe Time Vidya Sagar
Mainave Mainave 4:49 saavn
Silendra Theepori 5:21 saavn
Iraq Yutham 4:58 saavn
Oru Nimidamaa 5:27 saavn [5]


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