Briscoe (automobile company)

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Briscoe Model B 4/24 Touring 1919

The Briscoe was an American automobile manufactured at Jackson, Michigan, by a group headed by Benjamin Briscoe. Briscoe cars were made between 1914 and 1921.[1]

A few months after his departure from the United States Motor Company in 1913, Benjamin Briscoe established a plant at Billancourt, France to design and manufacture the first automobile in France built by American methods. The business was called Briscoe Freres; Billancourt was the home of Renault.

In 1915, Briscoe offered what he called "The First French Car at an American Price." Briscoe claimed that the auto had been designed by a French design studio. It featured a single headlamp in the front, faired into the radiator shell. The auto was priced at US$750.00 but this price did not include a top, windshield, or starter.

The company also produced the Argo, the Hackett, and the Lorraine.


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