Imperial Automobile Company

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For the Imperial marque of automobile manufactured by U.S. auto maker Chrysler, see Imperial (automobile).
Imperial Automobile Company
Automobile Manufacturing
Industry Automotive
Genre Touring cars, roadsters[1]
Founded 1908
Defunct 1916
Headquarters Jackson, Michigan, United States
Area served
United States
Products Vehicles
Automotive parts

The Imperial Automobile Company of Jackson, Michigan,[2] was formed by the brothers T.A. and George N. Campbell in 1908, who also ran the Jackson Carriage Company. Imperial produced mid-size cars with four-cylinder engines; the bodywork and mechanicals were primarily off-the-shelf rather than bespoke. Coachwork was done out-of-house by Beaudette Company, which also did work for Buick and Ford. Car production lasted until 1916.


The 1912 model came complete with a windshield, speedometer, gas lamps, Prest-O-Lite tank and tools. The Model 34 Touring Car was priced at $1,400 and the Model 33 Roadster at $1,250. High end, Model 44 Touring Car cost $1,750.[1]


In 1915, Imperial merged with Marion from Indianapolis, Indiana to form Mutual Motors Company. Under this new name, they stopped production of Imperials the following year and made Marion-Handley cars instead.

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