British Beer and Pub Association

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British Beer and Pub Association
British Beer and Pub Association logo.svg
British Beer and Pub Association Logo
Legal statusNon-profit company
PurposeBrewing and pubs in the UK
Region served
United Kingdom
56 brewing and pub company organisations and 22 associate organisations
Chief Executive
Brigid Simmonds OBE
Main organ
BBPA Council and Board (Chairman - Simon Emeny)

The British Beer and Pub Association is the drinks and hospitality industry's largest and most influential trade association[according to whom?] representing some 90% of UK brewing (by volume) and the ownership of around 20,000 of the nation's pubs.


The Association was founded in 1904 as the Brewers' Society, was for a period in the 1990s known as the Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association before becoming the British Beer & Pub Association in 2000 to reflect its growing pub company membership.


Brewers' Hall, London, the headquarters of the British Beer and Pub Association

The British Beer & Pub Association, or BBPA, has its headquarters at Brewers' Hall in the City of London. Through its regional structure it has an autonomous Scottish division, the Scottish Beer & Pub Association, alongside regional teams which cover Wales, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North West.

The current Chairman of the Association is Simon Emeny, Chief Executive of Fuller, Smith and Turner and its Chief Executive is Brigid Simmonds OBE.

Two codes of conduct, one for lessees and one for tenants, has been co-produced with Independent Family Brewers of Britain. Compulsory for members of BBPA it aims to simplify self-regulation and maintain low cost arbitration of disputes. The codes will apply to over 4,000 pubs in England and Wales.[1]

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