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The Champion Beer of Wales is a beer award presented annually by the Campaign for Real Ale at the Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival in Cardiff, Wales.

The award is selected by a multi-tier system. First, individual branches of CAMRA nominate beers that have been in regular, non-seasonal production for at least one year from Welsh breweries in a series of CAMRA-defined categories. The most commonly nominated beers in each category are then presented to tasting panels, with one panel consisting of four to six people tasting each beer in a particular style in a blind tasting. These tasting panels are selected from CAMRA members and other individuals, including members of the brewing industry (although representatives of nominated beers' breweries are excluded). The winners in each of these categories are then presented to a new panel consisting of local celebrities, politicians, and brewers, who, again blind tasting, selects an overall champion, silver medalist, and bronze medalist. Awards are given for the top beer in each category and the three overall top places.


Current & previous winners are summarized:[1][2][3][4][5]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996 Plassey Brewery Dragon’s Breath N/A N/A
1997 Plassey Brewery Dragon’s Breath Bullmastiff Tomos Watkin OSB
1998 Flannery’s Oatmeal Stout N/A N/A
1999 Bullmastiff Gold Tomos Watkin Old Style Bitter Pembroke Brewery Old Nobbie Stout
2000 Bullmastiff Gold Warcop Pit Prop Plassey Brewery Dragon’s Breath
2001 Tomos Watkin Merlin's Stout Brains Dark Swansea Brewery Original Wood
2002 Bryncelyn Brewery Buddy Marvelous Bullmastiff Gold Brains Dark
2003 Bryncelyn Brewery Oh Boy Tomos Watkin Merlin Stout Bryncelyn Brewery Buddy Marvelous
2004 Breconshire Brewery Golden Valley Bullmastiff Bryncelyn Brewery Buddy Marvelous
2005 Bullmastiff Tomos Watkin Merlin Stout Bryncelyn Brewery Oh Boy
2006 Otley O8 Brains Dark Otley OG
2007 Rhymney Dark Bryncelyn Brewery Holly Hop Bryncelyn Brewery Buddy Marvelous
2008 Otley O8 Brains Gold Brains Dark
2009 Purple Moose Snowdonia Ale Otley OG Bitter Otley Porter
2010 Otley, O-Garden Bragdy'r Nant, Mwnci Nel Rhymney, Export
2011 Rhymney Dark Rhymney Export Otley O8
2012 Heart of Wales, High as a Kite Heart of Wales, Welsh Black Stout Rhymney, Hobby Horse
2013 Tiny Rebel, Dirty Stop Out Tiny Rebel, Fubar Tiny Rebel, Urban IPA
2014 Tiny Rebel, Fubar Purple Moose, Dark Side of the Mouse Great Orme, Welsh Black
2015 VOG Brewery, Dark Matter[6] Tudor Brewery, Black Mountain Stout Purple Moose, Dark Side of the Moose
2016 Tudor Brewery, Black Rock[7][8] Boss, Boss Black Monty's, Old Jailhouse


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