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The British DX Club (abbreviated form "BDXC") is an association of radio hobbyists, based in the United Kingdom. It caters mainly for, though not exclusively, DXers and Short Wave listeners. It was founded in 1974 and was originally known as the "Twickenham DX Club" (after the Middlesex, UK, town where it was originally based), but re-launched in 1979 as the British DX Club. The name change was made to reflect its growing national and international membership which currently stands at around 500. To distinguish it from similar organisations in other countries,the club's abbreviated name for international use is BDXC-UK.

BDXC publishes a monthly magazine "Communication", which is registered with the British Library (ISSN 0958-2142). The main contents of a typical magazine consist of a mixture of DX "loggings", details of radio station frequencies and programmes, letters and articles of general interest on broadcasting topics. These topics include:

UK News, Webwatch, DX News, Propagation, DRM News, Mediumwave Report, Collectors Corner (vintage Radio's etc.), The Audio Circle, Beyond The Horizon, Mediumwave Logbook, Tropical Logbook, HF Logbook, Alternative Airwaves (Pirate Radio), and members contributions.

In 1976, the club launched a monthly audio magazine on cassette tape, BDXC Audio Circle (formerly known as BDXC Tape Circle). This is now also distributed on Compact Disc and as an MP3 downloadable file for subscribing members only.

The BDXC also has an email news group for club members to distribute news and DX 'catches' to subscribed members. The Audio Circle also has its own email group.

BDXC and its members are important contributors to each edition of the World Radio Television Handbook (WRTH) an annual publication listing broadcasting times and frequencies of most of the world's national and international broadcasters. Information on other UK DX clubs is also included in WRTH.

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