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The British Light Heavyweight Championship was a top British wrestling championship found throughout the country's circuit. The title's broken history dates back to the 1920s. After going inactive in 2004, the title was re-activated in 2014.

Title history[edit]

This is the combined list of different versions of the British Heavyweight Titles, each of which was probably the most significant version at the time. Each version may or may not be connected to another. However, all title changes are either actual or "official" unless indicated otherwise.


Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Sam Clapham 1 1920s First recorded champion.
Atholl Oakeley 1 1930 Legacy from Clapham uncertain
Dick Wills 1 1932
Robert H Cook 1 1936-1938 Manchester Won title from Wills 08/05/1936. Won European Light Heavyweight title from Milo Popocopolis 22/05/1936.
Bill McDonald 1 1947 Legacy from Cook uncertain
Charley Fisher 1 June 1950
Sonny Wallis 1 July 1950 Vacated title
Norman Walsh 1 February 1951 Edinburgh Defeated Tony Baer to win the title.
Les Kellett 1

Joint Promotions[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Dennis Mitchell 1 1952
Ernie Riley 1 1952 Defeats Steve Logan to win the title.
Charley Fisher 2 Legacy from Riley uncertain. Vacates the title in 1955 after leaving the Light Heavyweight division.
Ernie Riley 2 1955 Defeats Steve Logan to win the vacant title.
Billy Joyce 1 1957
Ernie Riley 3
Roy St. Clair 1 1960 Nottingham
Ernie Riley 4 May 1961 Riley reitres as champion in December 1969
Billy Joyce 2 27/03/1971 Blackburn Defeated Tony Charles for the vacant title. Retired as champion in 1976.
Marty Jones 1 12/11/1976 Wolverhampton Defeats Mark Rocco for the vacant title. Jones vacates the title in 1982 after winning the World Mid-Heavyweight Championship.
Dave Finlay 1 24/2/1983 Oldham Defeats Ringo Rigby in a tournament final
Marty Jones 2 26/11/1983 Manchester
Dave Finlay 2 before February 1984
Marty Jones 3 8/2/1984 Leamington Jones vacates the title in 1984 after regaining the World Mid-Heavyweight Championship.
Alan Kilby 1 16/1/1985 Walsall Defeats Steve Logan to win the vacant title.

All Star Wrestling[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
King Ben 1 25/3/1988 Keighley
Alan Kilby 2 1988
Skull Murphy (Peter Northey) 1 25/3/1995 Norwich
Alan Kilby 3 Before September 1995
Danny Boy Collins 1 2/4/1996 Croydon
Alan Kilby 4 Before January 1998
Ian Wilson 1 10/10/1998 Norwich
Alan Kilby 5 November 1998 Norwich Last claimed the title on 1/11/2004.
Dean Allmark 1 2014
Seiki Yoshioka 1 July 6, 2014 Tokyo, Japan [1][2]
Dean Allmark 2 August 19, 2014 Rhyl [3]


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