Broadway-Fillmore, Buffalo

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Red: Historic Polonia, Green: Broadway-Filmore District
Red: Historic Polonia, Green: Broadway-Filmore District

Broadway-Fillmore (also formerly known as Polonia) is a neighborhood in Buffalo, New York.[1]


Broadway-Fillmore is in the lower East Side of Buffalo. The neighborhood is centered along Broadway running West-East and Fillmore Avenue running North-South.


Broadway-Fillmore was once home to a large Polish/Eastern European population in Buffalo. The neighborhood has long since fallen into poverty and disrepair due to the "white flight" to the suburbs in the mid-late 20th century, although it still enjoys a brief renaissance every Easter due to the local Easter celebrations and Dingus Day. However, recent developments, such as the development of the Medical Campus blocks away, are spurring some small growth, and many abandoned buildings are getting new life as loft apartments and other small offices.

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