Bromide (disambiguation)

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Bromide can refer to:

In language:

  • Bromide (language), a figure of speech meaning a tranquilizing cliché used as a verbal sedative

In chemistry:

  • Bromide, the anion of bromine, or any ionic salt containing bromide as the only anion, or (as a common name) any covalent compound containing bromine in the -1 oxidation state.
  • Potassium bromide, an anticonvulsant and sedative (most pharmacologic information is here)
  • Sodium bromide, an anticonvulsant and sedative

In photography

  • Bromide paper, paper coated with an emulsion of silver bromide, used primarily for photographic prints

In Japanese culture

  • Bromide (Japanese culture), commercial photographic portraits of celebrities including geisha, singers, actors and sports-people

In geography