Bruce Lee: The Curse of the Dragon

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Bruce Lee: The Curse of the Dragon
Film poster
Directed by Fred Weintraub
Tom Khun
Produced by Tom Khun
Fred Weintraub
Written by Davis Miller
Starring Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan
Brandon Lee
Linda Lee Cadwell
Narrated by George Takei
Music by David Wheatley
Fred Wintraub
Cinematography John Axelson
Edited by David Klandrud
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Bruce Lee: The Curse of the Dragon is a 1993 documentary film about Bruce Lee. The film includes interviews from some of his fellow students and opponents who worked alongside him in his movies. The film is directed by Tom Kuhn and Fred Weintraub and written by Davis Miller, author of the books My Dinner with Ali and The Tao of Bruce Lee.


Curse of the Dragon contains interviews from the following people:


In 2000, Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey was released, containing lost footage of Lee's Game of Death. DVD's of Curse of the Dragon were released with A Warrior's Journey as a bonus disc after its release. A Warrior's Journey may also be found as a bonus disc on the 2004 special edition of Enter the Dragon.

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