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The brustolina is common in kitchens throughout Italy. This grill ("graticola") is used for more than just toasting bread ("tostapane"). On the stove, the brustolina diffuses heat evenly to quickly heat slices of bread, to crisp bread for bruschetta, to crisp slices of polenta, to roast peppers, and more.

A brustolina is a grill which fits over a gas burner on a hob.[1] It consists of a square sheet of metal with holes punched in it[2] (the base) and a square grid over the top (the grilling surface). Heat is applied from below and is evenly distributed by the base, deflected upward to the grid. Items placed on top of the grid are cooked by both convection and radiant heat. These versatile cooking devices are often used in preparation of Italian cuisine, for instance, grilling bruschetta, polenta or vegetables. They are economical and widely available on street markets in Italy.