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0044 Brei nach Kapuziner Art Sanok 2012.JPG
Breja po kapucińsku
Alternative namesBreja, brejka, breha, Brei
Place of originSilesia, Poland
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsKasza, millet

Bryja - thin kasza or mash,[1] a Germanic, Celtic and Slavic dish, based on overcooked oat or kasza, that formulated the basis of their respectable cuisine. It is also the name of a traditional Silesian dish served during Wigilia. The dish's names: bryja, breja, brejka, breha, the German Brei have their roots in Celtic languages.


While a primarily savoury dish, the bryja base can also produce different types of sweets, including the poppy seed-based kutia, as well as the traditional Silesian dish with the same name, made from plums, apples, pears, with the addition of śmietana, wheat flour, cinnamon, sugar and salt.[2]

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