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The Budget Committee (Icelandic: Fjárlaganefnd) is a standing committee of the Icelandic parliament.


According to law № 55/1991, with later amendments, all matters relating to the following subjects are referred to the Budget Committee:

Members, 140th parliament[edit]

The main members have seats in the committees and attend the meetings. When they are unable to do so the substitute members temporarily take their place.


114th parliament (1991–2011)[edit]

Chairman Party Parliament Years
Karl Steinar Guðnason Social Democratic Party 114th 1991
115th 1991–1992
116th 1992–1993
Sigbjörn Gunnarsson Social Democratic Party 117th 1993–1994
118th 1994–1995
Jón Halldór Kristjánsson Progressive Party 119th 1995
120th 1995–1996
121st 1996–1997
122nd 1997–1998
123rd 1998–1999
124th 1999
125th 1999–2000
126th 2000–2001
Ólafur Örn Haraldsson Progressive Party 2001
127th 2001–2002
128th 2002–2003
Magnús Stefánsson Progressive Party 129th 2003
130th 2003–2004
131st 2004–2005
132nd 2005–2006
Birkir Jón Jónsson Progressive Party 2006
133rd 2006–2007
Gunnar Svavarsson Social Democratic Alliance 134th 2007
135th 2007–2008
136th 2008–2009
Guðbjartur Hannesson Social Democratic Alliance 137th 2009
138th N/A
139th N/A
Oddný Guðbjörg Harðardóttir Social Democratic Alliance N/A

140th parliament (2011-present)[edit]

Chairman Party Parliament Years
Sigríður Ingibjörg Ingadóttir Social Democratic Alliance 140th N/A

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