Buenaventura Cousiño Jorquera

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Buenaventura Cousiño Jorquera
Member of Parliament, Republic of Chile
In office
Preceded by José Joaquín Pérez Mascayano
Succeeded by Joaquín Campino Salamanca
Constituency Rere and Department of Puchacay
Member of Parliament, Republic of Chile
In office
Preceded by Francisco de la Lastra de la Sotta
Succeeded by Antonio García Reyes
Constituency Osorno and Llanquihue
Member of Parliament, Republic of Chile
In office
Preceded by Santos Díaz Valdés Carrera
Succeeded by Miguel Barros Morán
Constituency Melipilla an La Victoria
Personal details
Born July 18, 1808
 Chile, Renca, Chile
Died December 29, 1855
 Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Citizenship Chile
Nationality Chilean
Political party Chilean Conservative Party
Spouse(s) Rosario Ortúzar Castillo
Occupation Lawyer and Professor

Buenaventura (Ventura) Cousiño Jorquera (1808–1855) was a Chilean congressman, lawyer and politician. He was born on the Renca ranch in Santiago on July 18, 1808 and died in Santiago on November 29, 1855.


Jorquera was the son of José Agustín Cousiño y Zapata and Doña Josefa Jorquera y Alfaro, grandson of Juan Antonio Cousiño Orgue, a native of La Coruña, Galicia, the first Cousiño to arrive in Chile.

He studied at the National Institute and graduated as a lawyer from the Faculty of Law at the San Felipe University in 1836.

He later married Rosario Ortúzar Castillo, with whom he produced many children. He devoted himself to different fora, to teaching and politics.

Political career[edit]

He conducted Latin classes at the National Institute and in 1845 he joined the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Chile, where he delivered a speech on "Excellence in Latin literature," a work that was published in the Annals of the University.

He conducted several trips to the north, especially to Copiapo, where his son Henry was born.

He was elected deputy for Rere and Puchacay in 1840, but did not have the opportunity to replace the proprietary deputy. He served as a deputy in 1843 for Rere. In 1846 he was elected representative of Osorno. During this time he joined the Standing Committee on Government, Foreign Affairs and Education and Charities. He was Deputy of Melipilla, in 1849, working on the Standing Committee on Constitution, Law and Justice, and Government and Foreign Affairs.