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Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Founded 1879
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Key people
Ulrich Hamann (CEO)
Revenue 292.1 million (2007)
Number of employees
1,317 (2007)
Website www.bundesdruckerei.de

Bundesdruckerei ("Federal Printing Office") is a German manufacturer of banknotes, stamps, identity cards, passports, visas, driving licences, and vehicle registration certificates.

It was founded as Reichsdruckerei ("Reich printer") in 1879 and existed under this name until 1945. In 1951, it became Bundesdruckerei. It expanded into multiple security-related fields after being privatized in 2000. In 2009 it became a state owned enterprise again. In September 2014, Bundesdruckerei succeeded, in a case referred to the European Court of Justice, in obtaining a preliminary ruling that the City of Dortmund could not require tenderers for a document digitalisation contract to commit to paying German minimum wage levels to the workforce when they were intending to sub-contract the performance of the contract to a firm based in Poland outside the scope of the German minimum wage law.[1]

In 2015,Bundesdruckerei won the request for tender of the International Civil Aviation Organization to provide the International Civil Aviation Organization Public Key Directory (ICAO PKD).[2]

Headquarters of the Bundesdruckerei in Berlin


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